Empire Arisen

The Turtle's Heart - Part 1

Business as Unusual

Everyone Loves a Hero.

As vacations go, the days following the heroic rescue and defeat of the thieve’s guild were very busy and not very vacation like.

Each member going about their business and making themselves and their causes known, as well as securing the material and political wealth that makes life easier. (Much of this activity is lost to time as the Game Master’s mind is now full of other things. Some say it doesn’t take much to fill this mind.)

There was a dinner party and a little boy named Joey, who now has a new hat. There were also several meetings. Their new hidden lair, along with its hidden passages to the warehouse and attached home were discovered. There was even a not entirely resolved attempt to collect confiscated items.

The main event was the test sailing of he renovated Shark, with the crew the city agreed to provide. It was attended by the Mayor and his wife, as well as most of their staff. There was food and drink for all.

For entertainment, most of the voyage featured an heroic dwarf of many colors, most of them green.

The unplanned main event came if the form of a visit from the local sea life. A large octopus came aboard to partake of the food, perhaps the scent of green dwarf piqued its appetite. The unwanted guest was quickly dispatched by our heroes and the test sail of the ship and crew was brought to an end.

As the passengers were unloaded, the mayor asked the party to visit his office as there were matters that may require their attention.

At the meeting, the mayor informed the party of a request for assistance from the city of Lofty Mists.

The mayor explained the importance of Lofty Mists to the mission of Hither and Yon and explained that the party would have to learn more about the needs of Lofty Mists when they arrived.

The party quickly agreed to travel to Lofty Mists and were told that the journey would take four days by sea to reach the nearly unknown town of Pleasant Cove and another 4 days travel inland and up into the mountain to reach Lofty Mists.

After equipping the ship and themselves, the party was off.



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