Empire Arisen

The Turtle's Heart - Part 3

Welcome to Pleasant Cove

A pleasant day in Pleasant Cove

As Mr. Fred, the harbor pilot, guided the Shark to a remarkable slip, the party was given a view of Pleasant Cove.

The passage from One Eyed Pete Bay to Pleasant Cove is a slow moving river and it passes through the town. The town of Pleasant Cove fills a triangular valley.

ship facilities are the sole possessor of the left bank. The right bank has been carved into a small triangular lake. To the immediate, the are homes and buildings look like the dwellings for more than one family. across the lake are businesses, taverns, inns. Some have attached dwellings. The far point of the lake terminates in what looks like the town’s government buildings and supporting dock facilities. Nearly the entire shore is covered with docks and dock facilities.

As the Shark is guided into its remarkable slip, an examination of the adjacent slips reveal that the slip is actually an advanced dry dock, capable of handling ships even larger than the Shark. Captain Abernathy commented that she has never seen its like before and that these must be an advanced seafaring people.

As the ships crew and dock hands secure the vessel, Fwip notices that one of the crew on the dock is not only taking too much notice of the crew of the Shark, but doesn’t seem very friendly. Fwip and other party members take note of this and keep an eye on the dock hand.

The Party decides they would like to eat and drink and head to the Bottomless Bowl as recommended by Graham. They notice the dock worker following them. He is immediately confronted by a jovial Fwip and extracts himself from the conversation as quickly as he is able.

The party enjoys the local flavor, fish chowder, and a variety of brewed beverages. While eating and drinking, they meet a variety of the local people and are visited by Graham who lets them know he has arranged for guides, and a local person to help get the supplies they will need for the trip to Lofty Mists. He tells them that he guides will not be back from their current work for 3 or 4 days and recommends they enjoy the towns entertainment while they wait. He further tells them that he has arranged lodging for the duration of their stay at an Inn called The Warm Bunk.

Fwip tells Graham about the dock working and the assassination attempts. Graham is immediately concerned and recommends they look into dock worker. He informs them that their enemy is very crafty and can plant spies almost anywhere. He stresses that if it is their enemy, as seems likely, that it is a very serious threat.

Fwip decides to take and interest in the lovely bartender and does his best to maintain her attention. He is entirely successful in attracting the attention of Amber Willberton.

After an evening of eating and drinking, they leave the Bottomless Bowl and look for the dock worker. He is quickly spotted by a flying Fwip who leads the party to a larger building.

It should be noted that all of the party members have been doing stuff. Much of it brilliant, and all of it extremely funny. Dolgare the dwarf made himself inconspicuous (he is the only dwarf in the entire town) by picking flowers acting like he is a tourist. When approached by a little girl he actively engages her in conversation now has a new friend.

After following the suspicious dock worker to the building that likely contains his home. The party cases the building and eventually all of the party except Dolgare enters the building. Dolgare places himself outside the shuttered window of the dock worker’s room and waits.

The party knocks on the door and waits for the door to open. When it does, the dock worker attempts to slam the door shut, but is thwarted by a bull rush which pushes him back and the party in the doorway. He then immediately bolts for the shuttered window, his hand aiming for and missing the cleverly designed quick release lever for the shutters, causing him collide at at run with the solidly built hardwood shutters and collapse in a heap to the floor. As he falls, an unnoticed hat falls from his head and he is revealed to be a Tiefling and not the dock worker he had appeared to be.

A quick search of the prisoner allows the party to collect his weapons, strange hat, and a cloak. The most interesting object is a log book with an odd leather binding.

Following this calamitous racket, the full party and the neighbors begin to gather in a around the hall outside the room. The members of the party in the room secure prisoner. Within a few minutes the town guard and arrives, followed by the towns Security Assistant who has many questions. It is reasoned that he took the place of Gilbert George, who works on the docks. This raises the question of where the real Gilbert is located. This question is answered quickly when he is discovered in a very foul mood in his storage using in the basement. Quick thinking of the part of party members befriends Gilbert, a feat not often accomplished as he is known as an unpleasant person.

The Security Assistant asks that the party visit the Captain’s Office in the morning and the party takes its leave to retire to The Warm Bunk.

The party requests rooms in a more defensible portion of the Inn and then devises alarms for all of the rooms and everyone stays in a single room.

While the party deals with accommodations, Fwip finds time to romance the bartender and takes her for a flight. Fwip, as you may know is not human and has wings and feathers. He also can lift just enough to take the bartender for a flight.

Before going to sleep they examine strange log book they discovered on the prisoner. After some time they discover that sandwiched withing the leather cover is what appears to be a map.



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