Empire Arisen

The Turtle's Heart - Part 5

I'll take another round please.

A pleasant Affair Inturrupted

On the way to the flotilla, Captain Seandergrast explained his hopes for future economic growth and a useful exchange of ideas with Hither and Yon. As the party reached the flotilla, the Captain asked what was of the greatest interest to the party.

Xrug was quick to suggest that alcoholic beverages were a definite priority. The rest of the party agreed and off they went.

Unfortunately for Xrug, because there were many varieties to sample, the serving size was very small. As Xrug tasted each sample, he called out to the Projects Assistant to the Captian to take notes on the qualities he described. Cries of Ethan, write this down because like a mantra. As the number of remaining small glasses neared zero, Xrug needed a plan to continue drinking. Thus began operation, “have we met?”, involving Xrug, a hat of disquise taken from a Tiefling, and many small sample sizes. It turns out the sample size was not much of a problem after all.

While Xrug was planning his assault on the Dolgare was helping the injured Edwin Royce. The healers have used their knowledge to aid Edwin, and have done their best to set his broken arm. Dolgare, showing the mercy of his deity and the recruiting skills of…someone who has recruiting skills, sets the bone and magically heals Edwin. The healers are amazed by the Cleric’s power to help the wounded and Dolgare is very happy to share his knowledge of the mercy of Phelzoonf. The healers are all interested in becoming cleric of Primal Phelzoonf the Exalted, Master of the Arisen.

Dolgare joins the rest of the party at the flotilla just as they are finishing the samplings of beverages in small glasses.

Saleria Fwip spend time speaking with craftsman, while Dolgare spends time with the Captain. Fwip’s conversation leads to the discovery of a beautiful and powerful bow, made of exotic woods and resins. Saleria, discusses geography and map making with a cartographer. Acquiring a beautiful wall covering that is a map of this portion of the world on perfectly finished leather. It was given as a gift and has the map makers logo and information on a corner.

As the sun begins to set and the festivities turn from marketing to eating and drinking. Well…Drinking. The party settles in to a night of food, drink, and pleasant company.

It was then that one of the patron’s was noticed to be paying a little too much attention to the party. Xrug, perhaps feeling the brotherly love that comes with the consumption of happy juice, known as alcohol, attempts to “befriend” the nosy fellow at a local table.

Xrug takes a seat next to his interest and becomes, well…friendly.
This causes the target of his interest to become nervous and frigidity.
Xrug keeps this up until the target panics, attacks, and leaps over the table to escape.

This is when Dolgare, our paragon of virtue, our healer of mercy, our angel, delivers a blow intended to render the foe unconscious. The blow instead, renders the target. Literally smashing and removing the targets head, thus removing the threat.

The town guard shows up in the nick of time to save the town by taking statements and taking the body away. Of course our speedy looters have taken the valuable stuff from the body, including another map and similar gear to the other splies.

Shortly after the guard arrived, the Security Assistant Elouise Underhill, arrives discusses the spies with the party. They agree that it is time to interrogate the two that survived and the party heads over to the jail.

Thus begins the…The following has been deemed too graphic to the Game Master…

Having interrogated the spies and learned that they were unaware of each other, but were all equipped and staged in a similar manor. They also learn that the spies are worshipers of the God of Murder. It also seems that while the operatives were unaware of each other, they may not be completely alone. The map each one had in their position may play a role in figuring out what was going on.



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