Empire Arisen

The Turtle's Heart - Part 6

Getting Ready for a Long Uphill Walk

How about we do a little marketing and hose some ladies down with beer…?

Since it will be a couple days before the guides will be available, the party sets out to make sure they have the supplies they need for the trip. With the help of Edna Crumpet, the person assigned to help the supply effort, this task is mostly completed in a few hours.

This completed, the party members each decide to take newly acquired friends out on the town.

Dolgare, our gentle head smashing dwarf, is all curtsies and flowers in his treatment of Edna Crumpet. Inviting and walking here to and from the dinner and drinking that is certain to be enjoyed.

The rest of the party invites the craftsman of wood, the makers of maps, and the tobacconist.

All arrive at dinner at the Bottomless Bowl in time to see that Xrug has already taken on the challenge of drinking a mug of every type of ale, beer, and similar locally produced.

Though Ethan Whosnawhap is not present, Xrug started shouting out “Ethan, write this down” and then proceeded to describe the flavors and mouth feel of the beverage. After some confusion, one of the bar patrons, a local educator, volunteered to be Ethan and started frantically writing. This turned into writing three things at once.
1. The story of Xrug and the never ending drink
2. Notes on each of the beverages
3. A writing of each of the stories told by Xrug in the time between beverages
It should be noted that, in spite of drinking 58 pints of fermented beverage, he only slowed once.

During the festivities each of the party enjoyed a variety of activities.
Dolgare discovered that the healers were ready to move forward and build a place for the worship of Phelzoonf. Fwip arranged to meet with the woodsmith and may even receive an amazing bow for his efforts. Fwip also continued his romance of the bartender, the lovely Amber Willberton.

The following day was the day of the competition for



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