Empire Arisen

The Turtle's Heart - Part 4

A visit to Captain P Seandergrast

Breakfast and a Show!

Our heroes awoke and left the room to forage for food.
As they reach the lobby they notice a swarm of activity and almost overwhelming aromas of exotic fishes, meats, and other foods. The combination, while mildly confusing to the senses, is both enticing and invigorating. Xrug immediately gets down to the business of food, as do most of the rest of the party.

Conversations with workers as they scurry about let our heroes know that this activity is related to their visit and the town’s desire to establish an economic and political relationship with Hither and Yon. The workers request that they act surprised when they talk to the Captain (the town’s equivalent of mayor)

After eating they party heads to the captain’s office. Almost immediately, they notice they are being followed. Fwip cleverly engages the suspected bad guy with conversation, causing him to panic and run.

Saleria casually pushes a cart in the path of the panicked runner who acrobatically and gracefully leaps the obstacle, catching his toe on the cart, gracefully sailing through the air and planting his face in the path. Not a good day for stealth…

The watch is on the site immediately and quickly ascertain that all is not well when the invisible hat warn by our panicked suspect is removed and reveals that he is a Tiefling, not a human. This causes concern for the safety of Edwin Royce. The Tiefling had taken on his appearance and his role in the Pleasant Cove. The guard immediately sent people to his home.

The town guard takes control of the prisoner. As the party examines the loot recovered from they find identical equipment they discovered on the spy from last night. They also discover another map and a package for the local tobacconist.

Saleria opts to deliver the package to see what might be learned. The tobacconist is surprised that the delivery person was not Edwin and is grateful for the delivery of his tobacco. After conversation, it is revealed that the Captain is a big fan of the pipe and while he has already paid for his tobacco stash, he has had his eye on a beautiful pipe. The tobacconist tells them that the captain is unlikely to purchase the item as it seems too ostentatious and would give his staff and the good people of Pleasant Cove the wrong impression. However…who can be faulted to a pleasant gift… Saleria quickly purchases the pipe and has it wrapped for the captain.

The party resumes their journey to the captains office and finds themselves at the doors to the outer offices. Security at the mayor’s office seems pretty good. The people who reach the office prior to our adventurers are politely relieved of their weapons before being granted admittance. When the party members offer weapons, in a somewhat Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome never ending supply of weapons pulled from hidden areas sort of way, they are informed that emissaries and ambassadors are allowed to keep their weapons.

The long hall to the captains office gives them opportunity to meet some of the staff and assistants to the captain.

The meeting with the Captain revealed that Pleasant Cove is wanting to create economic ties with Hither and Yon as its location of contract to the rest of the world. They are also interested in showing a bit and inviting tourism. Captain P Seandergrast sees our adventurers as the key in making this happen. He offers upgrades and a remodel of the ship as well as a permanent place to stay if the party takes his son back to Hither and Yon as an ambassador to Hither and Yon and introduce him to the Mayor. The party agrees.

There are discussions which lead to the discovery that the Shark was clearly designed as a smuggler and pirate ship. The Captain has his people look into the secrets of the Shark with the permission of the party.

The Captain then tells the party that a celebration and demonstration of the products available for export should be ready on floating docks on the lake and recommends that they head to the party to see what fun might be available.

As they prepare to leave, the watch reports to Captain Seandergrast that they have recovered Edwin Royce (the delivery person captured by the Tiefling) and that he is injured, but alive. Dolgare offers his services as a healer and leaves with the town’s healers to help the wounded delivery man.

The Captain, with the remainder of the parting in tow, heads off to the flotilla on the lake to see what can be seen.



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