Empire Arisen

Missing In Action
Vacations are full of adventure and our Heroes save the day!

A Lovely Vacation

The vacation started well enough with each of our adventurers deciding which of the available choices would provide the ideal vacation.

After arriving in Hither and Yon, our adventurers set about finding the quiet yearnings of their hearts. Owing to the limited memory of the Game Master, but blamed on the concern for privacy of the characters, much of the first day in Hither and Yon has been lost to time.

It is know that upon discovering that another team of adventurers (with the help of a little boy named Joey) of their kind had gone missing, they set aside their own desires to find and help, if possible, their missing brethren.

After Dolgare’s visit to the docks, the full party followed, leading to the discovery of their missing brethren in the hold of the Shark, a trader vessel with much to hide. A fight quickly ensued, in which our true hearted adventurers were victorious.

This led to an introduction to the Town Guard, followed by a visit to the Mayor’s office the following morning.

At the mayors office they learned that the city of Hither and Yon was actually the first city created by Primal Phelzoonf the Exalted, Master of the Arisen and the true purpose of Hither and Yon in Phelzoonf’s plan.

As a reward and because the Mayor sees value in cementing his relationship with the party, he offers of confiscated property. The Shark is among the property now belonging to the party. In addition, they have free use of the hidden dockside cave under the confiscated warehouse and use of the home that is also attached to the warehouse.

The end result of their efforts is the closing of a budding thieve’s guild, a reduction of trafficking of stolen property, and a very grateful government.

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