Empire Arisen

The Turtle's Heart - Part 6
Getting Ready for a Long Uphill Walk

How about we do a little marketing and hose some ladies down with beer…?

Since it will be a couple days before the guides will be available, the party sets out to make sure they have the supplies they need for the trip. With the help of Edna Crumpet, the person assigned to help the supply effort, this task is mostly completed in a few hours.

This completed, the party members each decide to take newly acquired friends out on the town.

Dolgare, our gentle head smashing dwarf, is all curtsies and flowers in his treatment of Edna Crumpet. Inviting and walking here to and from the dinner and drinking that is certain to be enjoyed.

The rest of the party invites the craftsman of wood, the makers of maps, and the tobacconist.

All arrive at dinner at the Bottomless Bowl in time to see that Xrug has already taken on the challenge of drinking a mug of every type of ale, beer, and similar locally produced.

Though Ethan Whosnawhap is not present, Xrug started shouting out “Ethan, write this down” and then proceeded to describe the flavors and mouth feel of the beverage. After some confusion, one of the bar patrons, a local educator, volunteered to be Ethan and started frantically writing. This turned into writing three things at once.
1. The story of Xrug and the never ending drink
2. Notes on each of the beverages
3. A writing of each of the stories told by Xrug in the time between beverages
It should be noted that, in spite of drinking 58 pints of fermented beverage, he only slowed once.

During the festivities each of the party enjoyed a variety of activities.
Dolgare discovered that the healers were ready to move forward and build a place for the worship of Phelzoonf. Fwip arranged to meet with the woodsmith and may even receive an amazing bow for his efforts. Fwip also continued his romance of the bartender, the lovely Amber Willberton.

The following day was the day of the competition for

The Turtle's Heart - Part 5
I'll take another round please.

A pleasant Affair Inturrupted

On the way to the flotilla, Captain Seandergrast explained his hopes for future economic growth and a useful exchange of ideas with Hither and Yon. As the party reached the flotilla, the Captain asked what was of the greatest interest to the party.

Xrug was quick to suggest that alcoholic beverages were a definite priority. The rest of the party agreed and off they went.

Unfortunately for Xrug, because there were many varieties to sample, the serving size was very small. As Xrug tasted each sample, he called out to the Projects Assistant to the Captian to take notes on the qualities he described. Cries of Ethan, write this down because like a mantra. As the number of remaining small glasses neared zero, Xrug needed a plan to continue drinking. Thus began operation, “have we met?”, involving Xrug, a hat of disquise taken from a Tiefling, and many small sample sizes. It turns out the sample size was not much of a problem after all.

While Xrug was planning his assault on the Dolgare was helping the injured Edwin Royce. The healers have used their knowledge to aid Edwin, and have done their best to set his broken arm. Dolgare, showing the mercy of his deity and the recruiting skills of…someone who has recruiting skills, sets the bone and magically heals Edwin. The healers are amazed by the Cleric’s power to help the wounded and Dolgare is very happy to share his knowledge of the mercy of Phelzoonf. The healers are all interested in becoming cleric of Primal Phelzoonf the Exalted, Master of the Arisen.

Dolgare joins the rest of the party at the flotilla just as they are finishing the samplings of beverages in small glasses.

Saleria Fwip spend time speaking with craftsman, while Dolgare spends time with the Captain. Fwip’s conversation leads to the discovery of a beautiful and powerful bow, made of exotic woods and resins. Saleria, discusses geography and map making with a cartographer. Acquiring a beautiful wall covering that is a map of this portion of the world on perfectly finished leather. It was given as a gift and has the map makers logo and information on a corner.

As the sun begins to set and the festivities turn from marketing to eating and drinking. Well…Drinking. The party settles in to a night of food, drink, and pleasant company.

It was then that one of the patron’s was noticed to be paying a little too much attention to the party. Xrug, perhaps feeling the brotherly love that comes with the consumption of happy juice, known as alcohol, attempts to “befriend” the nosy fellow at a local table.

Xrug takes a seat next to his interest and becomes, well…friendly.
This causes the target of his interest to become nervous and frigidity.
Xrug keeps this up until the target panics, attacks, and leaps over the table to escape.

This is when Dolgare, our paragon of virtue, our healer of mercy, our angel, delivers a blow intended to render the foe unconscious. The blow instead, renders the target. Literally smashing and removing the targets head, thus removing the threat.

The town guard shows up in the nick of time to save the town by taking statements and taking the body away. Of course our speedy looters have taken the valuable stuff from the body, including another map and similar gear to the other splies.

Shortly after the guard arrived, the Security Assistant Elouise Underhill, arrives discusses the spies with the party. They agree that it is time to interrogate the two that survived and the party heads over to the jail.

Thus begins the…The following has been deemed too graphic to the Game Master…

Having interrogated the spies and learned that they were unaware of each other, but were all equipped and staged in a similar manor. They also learn that the spies are worshipers of the God of Murder. It also seems that while the operatives were unaware of each other, they may not be completely alone. The map each one had in their position may play a role in figuring out what was going on.

The Turtle's Heart - Part 4
A visit to Captain P Seandergrast

Breakfast and a Show!

Our heroes awoke and left the room to forage for food.
As they reach the lobby they notice a swarm of activity and almost overwhelming aromas of exotic fishes, meats, and other foods. The combination, while mildly confusing to the senses, is both enticing and invigorating. Xrug immediately gets down to the business of food, as do most of the rest of the party.

Conversations with workers as they scurry about let our heroes know that this activity is related to their visit and the town’s desire to establish an economic and political relationship with Hither and Yon. The workers request that they act surprised when they talk to the Captain (the town’s equivalent of mayor)

After eating they party heads to the captain’s office. Almost immediately, they notice they are being followed. Fwip cleverly engages the suspected bad guy with conversation, causing him to panic and run.

Saleria casually pushes a cart in the path of the panicked runner who acrobatically and gracefully leaps the obstacle, catching his toe on the cart, gracefully sailing through the air and planting his face in the path. Not a good day for stealth…

The watch is on the site immediately and quickly ascertain that all is not well when the invisible hat warn by our panicked suspect is removed and reveals that he is a Tiefling, not a human. This causes concern for the safety of Edwin Royce. The Tiefling had taken on his appearance and his role in the Pleasant Cove. The guard immediately sent people to his home.

The town guard takes control of the prisoner. As the party examines the loot recovered from they find identical equipment they discovered on the spy from last night. They also discover another map and a package for the local tobacconist.

Saleria opts to deliver the package to see what might be learned. The tobacconist is surprised that the delivery person was not Edwin and is grateful for the delivery of his tobacco. After conversation, it is revealed that the Captain is a big fan of the pipe and while he has already paid for his tobacco stash, he has had his eye on a beautiful pipe. The tobacconist tells them that the captain is unlikely to purchase the item as it seems too ostentatious and would give his staff and the good people of Pleasant Cove the wrong impression. However…who can be faulted to a pleasant gift… Saleria quickly purchases the pipe and has it wrapped for the captain.

The party resumes their journey to the captains office and finds themselves at the doors to the outer offices. Security at the mayor’s office seems pretty good. The people who reach the office prior to our adventurers are politely relieved of their weapons before being granted admittance. When the party members offer weapons, in a somewhat Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome never ending supply of weapons pulled from hidden areas sort of way, they are informed that emissaries and ambassadors are allowed to keep their weapons.

The long hall to the captains office gives them opportunity to meet some of the staff and assistants to the captain.

The meeting with the Captain revealed that Pleasant Cove is wanting to create economic ties with Hither and Yon as its location of contract to the rest of the world. They are also interested in showing a bit and inviting tourism. Captain P Seandergrast sees our adventurers as the key in making this happen. He offers upgrades and a remodel of the ship as well as a permanent place to stay if the party takes his son back to Hither and Yon as an ambassador to Hither and Yon and introduce him to the Mayor. The party agrees.

There are discussions which lead to the discovery that the Shark was clearly designed as a smuggler and pirate ship. The Captain has his people look into the secrets of the Shark with the permission of the party.

The Captain then tells the party that a celebration and demonstration of the products available for export should be ready on floating docks on the lake and recommends that they head to the party to see what fun might be available.

As they prepare to leave, the watch reports to Captain Seandergrast that they have recovered Edwin Royce (the delivery person captured by the Tiefling) and that he is injured, but alive. Dolgare offers his services as a healer and leaves with the town’s healers to help the wounded delivery man.

The Captain, with the remainder of the parting in tow, heads off to the flotilla on the lake to see what can be seen.

The Turtle's Heart - Part 3
Welcome to Pleasant Cove

A pleasant day in Pleasant Cove

As Mr. Fred, the harbor pilot, guided the Shark to a remarkable slip, the party was given a view of Pleasant Cove.

The passage from One Eyed Pete Bay to Pleasant Cove is a slow moving river and it passes through the town. The town of Pleasant Cove fills a triangular valley.

ship facilities are the sole possessor of the left bank. The right bank has been carved into a small triangular lake. To the immediate, the are homes and buildings look like the dwellings for more than one family. across the lake are businesses, taverns, inns. Some have attached dwellings. The far point of the lake terminates in what looks like the town’s government buildings and supporting dock facilities. Nearly the entire shore is covered with docks and dock facilities.

As the Shark is guided into its remarkable slip, an examination of the adjacent slips reveal that the slip is actually an advanced dry dock, capable of handling ships even larger than the Shark. Captain Abernathy commented that she has never seen its like before and that these must be an advanced seafaring people.

As the ships crew and dock hands secure the vessel, Fwip notices that one of the crew on the dock is not only taking too much notice of the crew of the Shark, but doesn’t seem very friendly. Fwip and other party members take note of this and keep an eye on the dock hand.

The Party decides they would like to eat and drink and head to the Bottomless Bowl as recommended by Graham. They notice the dock worker following them. He is immediately confronted by a jovial Fwip and extracts himself from the conversation as quickly as he is able.

The party enjoys the local flavor, fish chowder, and a variety of brewed beverages. While eating and drinking, they meet a variety of the local people and are visited by Graham who lets them know he has arranged for guides, and a local person to help get the supplies they will need for the trip to Lofty Mists. He tells them that he guides will not be back from their current work for 3 or 4 days and recommends they enjoy the towns entertainment while they wait. He further tells them that he has arranged lodging for the duration of their stay at an Inn called The Warm Bunk.

Fwip tells Graham about the dock working and the assassination attempts. Graham is immediately concerned and recommends they look into dock worker. He informs them that their enemy is very crafty and can plant spies almost anywhere. He stresses that if it is their enemy, as seems likely, that it is a very serious threat.

Fwip decides to take and interest in the lovely bartender and does his best to maintain her attention. He is entirely successful in attracting the attention of Amber Willberton.

After an evening of eating and drinking, they leave the Bottomless Bowl and look for the dock worker. He is quickly spotted by a flying Fwip who leads the party to a larger building.

It should be noted that all of the party members have been doing stuff. Much of it brilliant, and all of it extremely funny. Dolgare the dwarf made himself inconspicuous (he is the only dwarf in the entire town) by picking flowers acting like he is a tourist. When approached by a little girl he actively engages her in conversation now has a new friend.

After following the suspicious dock worker to the building that likely contains his home. The party cases the building and eventually all of the party except Dolgare enters the building. Dolgare places himself outside the shuttered window of the dock worker’s room and waits.

The party knocks on the door and waits for the door to open. When it does, the dock worker attempts to slam the door shut, but is thwarted by a bull rush which pushes him back and the party in the doorway. He then immediately bolts for the shuttered window, his hand aiming for and missing the cleverly designed quick release lever for the shutters, causing him collide at at run with the solidly built hardwood shutters and collapse in a heap to the floor. As he falls, an unnoticed hat falls from his head and he is revealed to be a Tiefling and not the dock worker he had appeared to be.

A quick search of the prisoner allows the party to collect his weapons, strange hat, and a cloak. The most interesting object is a log book with an odd leather binding.

Following this calamitous racket, the full party and the neighbors begin to gather in a around the hall outside the room. The members of the party in the room secure prisoner. Within a few minutes the town guard and arrives, followed by the towns Security Assistant who has many questions. It is reasoned that he took the place of Gilbert George, who works on the docks. This raises the question of where the real Gilbert is located. This question is answered quickly when he is discovered in a very foul mood in his storage using in the basement. Quick thinking of the part of party members befriends Gilbert, a feat not often accomplished as he is known as an unpleasant person.

The Security Assistant asks that the party visit the Captain’s Office in the morning and the party takes its leave to retire to The Warm Bunk.

The party requests rooms in a more defensible portion of the Inn and then devises alarms for all of the rooms and everyone stays in a single room.

While the party deals with accommodations, Fwip finds time to romance the bartender and takes her for a flight. Fwip, as you may know is not human and has wings and feathers. He also can lift just enough to take the bartender for a flight.

Before going to sleep they examine strange log book they discovered on the prisoner. After some time they discover that sandwiched withing the leather cover is what appears to be a map.

The Turtle's Heart - Part 1
Business as Unusual

Everyone Loves a Hero.

As vacations go, the days following the heroic rescue and defeat of the thieve’s guild were very busy and not very vacation like.

Each member going about their business and making themselves and their causes known, as well as securing the material and political wealth that makes life easier. (Much of this activity is lost to time as the Game Master’s mind is now full of other things. Some say it doesn’t take much to fill this mind.)

There was a dinner party and a little boy named Joey, who now has a new hat. There were also several meetings. Their new hidden lair, along with its hidden passages to the warehouse and attached home were discovered. There was even a not entirely resolved attempt to collect confiscated items.

The main event was the test sailing of he renovated Shark, with the crew the city agreed to provide. It was attended by the Mayor and his wife, as well as most of their staff. There was food and drink for all.

For entertainment, most of the voyage featured an heroic dwarf of many colors, most of them green.

The unplanned main event came if the form of a visit from the local sea life. A large octopus came aboard to partake of the food, perhaps the scent of green dwarf piqued its appetite. The unwanted guest was quickly dispatched by our heroes and the test sail of the ship and crew was brought to an end.

As the passengers were unloaded, the mayor asked the party to visit his office as there were matters that may require their attention.

At the meeting, the mayor informed the party of a request for assistance from the city of Lofty Mists.

The mayor explained the importance of Lofty Mists to the mission of Hither and Yon and explained that the party would have to learn more about the needs of Lofty Mists when they arrived.

The party quickly agreed to travel to Lofty Mists and were told that the journey would take four days by sea to reach the nearly unknown town of Pleasant Cove and another 4 days travel inland and up into the mountain to reach Lofty Mists.

After equipping the ship and themselves, the party was off.

Missing In Action
Vacations are full of adventure and our Heroes save the day!

A Lovely Vacation

The vacation started well enough with each of our adventurers deciding which of the available choices would provide the ideal vacation.

After arriving in Hither and Yon, our adventurers set about finding the quiet yearnings of their hearts. Owing to the limited memory of the Game Master, but blamed on the concern for privacy of the characters, much of the first day in Hither and Yon has been lost to time.

It is know that upon discovering that another team of adventurers (with the help of a little boy named Joey) of their kind had gone missing, they set aside their own desires to find and help, if possible, their missing brethren.

After Dolgare’s visit to the docks, the full party followed, leading to the discovery of their missing brethren in the hold of the Shark, a trader vessel with much to hide. A fight quickly ensued, in which our true hearted adventurers were victorious.

This led to an introduction to the Town Guard, followed by a visit to the Mayor’s office the following morning.

At the mayors office they learned that the city of Hither and Yon was actually the first city created by Primal Phelzoonf the Exalted, Master of the Arisen and the true purpose of Hither and Yon in Phelzoonf’s plan.

As a reward and because the Mayor sees value in cementing his relationship with the party, he offers of confiscated property. The Shark is among the property now belonging to the party. In addition, they have free use of the hidden dockside cave under the confiscated warehouse and use of the home that is also attached to the warehouse.

The end result of their efforts is the closing of a budding thieve’s guild, a reduction of trafficking of stolen property, and a very grateful government.

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