Character Background

Your home is Imperium de Vitae, the Empire of New Life.

It has been five years since you were gifted with awareness of self and true intellect.

You studied diligently and worked toward learning a useful trade.

Two years ago, you were brought before Primal Phelzoonf the Exalted and learned that you had earned a special place in his service.
You were given the right to choose how you would contribute to the Arisen Empire.

Last week, you were tested and found ready.

Now you are ready to go into the planes.

But First, you have earned a break and will have a little time off, mingling with others. As a group you will be given a choice of destinations. All share one thing in common.

You may select from the following:
Crossroads – A place where travelers pass through on their way to other places. It serves the tastes of many and finds a way too give satisfaction to all.
Discourse – A city where all manor of things are debated and judged.
Convalescendi – A place of rest, where the mind and body may heal and find peace.
Pars Terrae – Kind of like a frat party…except it is the size of a town where some areas are still dressed, mostly sober, and working some of the time.

Character Background

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