Hither and Yon

The City of Hither and Yon

Set on a calm sea with idyllic weather, this beautiful and rapidly growing city offers much to those who visit. Its Mayor has a reputation as fair to local and visitor alike. Its watch seem to be without corruption and truly serve the needs of the city and its inhabitants. Even its merchants seem to be fair in their dealings.

To those seeking to understand the world, few places are better suited. A growing number of schools, libraries, and cultural centers are appearing in its increasingly well knows Paper District.

A river runs through the center of the forming a lake around the keep that contains the Government District.

Few know the true founder of Hither and Yon.

Many believe it was founded by a group of disillusioned diplomats and statesmen who were tired of the constant wars that raged, hoping to provide a place where disagreements could be settled peaceably.

Others believe it was formed by scholars, bards, and wizards to bring about a place where knowledge and culture could be shared and all would be enlightened.

Still others believe that a group of merchants formed an alliance intended to line their already fat pockets with the heavy trade that Hither and Yon would attract. Both from transient business and the deal brokered between the many organizations that sought such things as Hither and Yon could provide from its many trade routes.

In reality is all of these things and more were part of the founding of the city that is Hither and Yon.

Nations in disagreement or even at war will find impartial arbitration to settle their differences.

Those in search of trade will find ready partners the Commercial District.

The Paper District contains culture, knowledge, and education from many places. Each nation has the right to build education centers, libraries, and cultural centers within this growing district.

The Diplomatic Quarter provides space for embassies for each nation. It is also growing rapidly.

Should you need rest or a place of healing, that too can be found on the isle of healing.

Often visitors only seek the warm beaches and soothing libations that bring many Hither and Yon.

All are welcome to visit Hither and Yon.

Hither and Yon

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