It is the dawning of the age of the Ooze!

Nestled away in a small plane of existence, Primal Phelzoonf the Exalted, Master of the Arisen, builds a new civilization. For too long the unintelligent Oozes have been merely obstacles simply in the wrong place or manipulated into positions for the benefit of others.

This new civilization is not being created to defile the antagonists of the past, but to provide dignity to the Oozes and slimes who wander existence. For Primal Phelzoonf the Exalted, Master of the Arisen is odd, perhaps very odd, but kind.

You are the champions of this new civilization. You are the progeny of this new light in existence and perhaps its only hope.

Your home is Imperium de Vitae, the Empire of New Life.
It is also a training ground for you and others that represent your new race.
You will find in Imperium de Vitae, many ways to challenge and prepare your abilities. These challenges have begun your preparation to meet your destiny and prepare the way for your species.

As the vangard of a new species, you are entrusted with the future of your kind.

Empire Arisen

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