Pleasant Cove

Pleasant Cove is a beautiful fishing and logging town.

Settled by retired pirates in the distant past. The democratic principals of pirate ships influenced the nature of Pleasant Cove’s government.

Captain P. Seandergrast is the elected leader. This position is similar to mayor in a more traditional town government. He has been such a popular leader that he has been the longest running captain in the 273 years since the founding of Pleasant Cove.

The position of Quarter Master is currently vacant, has been vacant for 2 years and no one seems to care much.

Economically, Pleasant Cove produces an abundance of unique and delicious fish, fish oil, seasonings, leather made from some of the types of fish, hardwoods for building and furniture, hardwoods for smoking meats, products made of wood, and nautical maps. They import a variety of metal, metal products, and exotic foods and goods.

Pleasant Cove has a good standard of living and is as its name states in a pleasant and protected cove.

Pleasant Cove

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