The Shark

Recovered Pirate/Cargo Vessel: This ship was seized from a pirate captain, McGreggor McGreely by the city of Hither and Yon after his death.

The cargo vessel is now the property of an adventuring party due to their heroic action in bringing down the thieves guild in Hither and Yon. This action resulted in the death of Captain McGreely and his core crew.

The city of Hither and Yon, crews and maintains the ship in an agreement with the adventuring party and in return the city has the use of the vessel for humanitarian missions.

58ft (deck) 70ft (overall), 14ft beam, Carrack, 100 tons displacement
Three mast sailing vessel, equipped as a cargo vessel with modification
Most unusual of the modifications is the ability of the ability to fold/slide the masts to allow the vessel to lower its overhead clearance. The modification was made to allow the vessel to go into caves and other areas with limited overhead space. In this configuration, the top of the vessel is 25ft above the waterline. In addition modifications to the bow allowed the vessel to temporarily reduce its overall length to 59ft.

The design allows for 6 passengers to be accommodated in comfort, (3cabins) in addition to 11 crew
The sides of the vessel are designed to store lumber (including spare masts) is protected by a water tight covering.
Tools needed to repair the vessel are stored in the bow of the ship.
There are two cargo holds.
On the stern deck, there is a hatch concealed in the bottom of a rope chest that leads all the way through the ship to exit the hull. It has a ladder and is 3ft by 3ft. On its path, there is a hidden storage compartment that is 1.5 ft wide, 2ft, by 4ft vertically.

The bow and stern cargo holds each have their own deck entrances.
Crew and passenger quarters are amid ship.
There are movable wall sections that allow access between the captain’s quarters and the bow hold and the quarter master’s quarters and the aft hold. All other access to the holds is through the deck hatches to each.

Update to speed. The shipwrights of Pleasant Cove have skinned the hull with a remarkable metal that decreases the resistance of the ships passage through the water and is resistant to corrosion. The end result is that the ship is faster and can tack a little closer to the wind. The modified rigging allows the ship to be handled with fewer sailors that would otherwise be expected for a ship of its size. The living quarters have also been expanded, slightly reducing the size of the holds.

Hull speed is 4.5(5.5) miles per hour. (Considered fast)
Light breeze – 2(2.5) miles per hour
Nomal wind – 4.5(5.5) miles per hour
Perfect wind – 8(10) miles per hour

Ship’s Captain: Annette Abernathy
Sailing Master: Gilbert Sullivan
Quarter Master: Engbretson Markle
Ships Surgeon: Yardley Copeland

James Guerdon – Lead Deck Hand
Evette Little – Lead Rigger
Joe Fiddle – Cook and Boatswain
Han Fredrick – Able Bodied Sailor
Ashley Vail – Able Bodied Sailor
Kingsley Booth – Able Bodied Sailor
Ascot Parrish Booth – Able Bodied Sailor

The Shark

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